Lunch!(how old was I)…

I like to think about it as, just fit enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. To be able to outrun, or run without completely losing your breath, be able to climb things, maybe bend down without feeling like it’s evil(lol)… it’s a simple rule to live by.

Kind of like asking yourself, “how well would I do in the zombie apocalypse?” … after a little bit of exercise, healthier food choices, saying no to the fast food… maybe a little bit more now? yep…

letting go of the can’t do thoughts,
thinking about how good it will feel with just a tiny positive result…

speaking of the zombies, this is my new recurve bow, no name at the moment.

I’ve been to the SF archery range quite a bit now, for target practice.
It’s been a blast, and I keep getting better…
no animals are to be harmed, just maybe zombies… one day.

less beer… (more hard liquor)

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