[ Jack of All Trades ]

My first job out of college, I was hired as an Environment Artist.
I recall doing very little environment art compared to the amount of character assets they had me do.
I ran across maybe 1/5 the amount in some old renders I had in a folder called “Playstation Home


It was a lot of modeling/texturing this^^ and a TON of working with outsourcing teams, and fixing much of this. The one thing I did manage to do when in college, was explore the idea of being a jack of all trades. As much as I would like to specialize in environments, knowing how to model a character, or animate, or understand code… dipping into other areas has only helped me, and opened more doors for some crazy opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten unless I kept learning.


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As SimCity reaches its launch date, I’m finally getting a moment to slow down and gather the many thoughts my brain-meats have had, the number one thought being not to think, ha. This blog may not make much sense because of that.

2012 had been one of the most surprising years, full of many life events, both personally and professionally.
–Personally, I have a ring on my finger, and I feel way too grown. (I’ll leave that as is)
–Professionally, the game industry has taken an interesting toll on me.

Not to say other industries don’t have difficult moments, but my place in the game industry has been extremely difficult as of late. I have always loved this field of work. Getting into it is an achievement for the majority. It takes a lot of passion, patience, hard work, and convincing yourself that you can reach such a goal. In the past 5 years, I can recall a lot of interviews, a pile of rejection emails, and some pretty sad times. At the same time, with the continuation of trying hard enough, new skills were learned, and along came successful experiences. (Sometimes, unsuccessful situations arise, that led to constant questioning of oneself.)

Yet, with how confusing and frustrating things can be, I don’t see myself in any other industry, I don’t feel like I belong in any other field, and don’t want to be anywhere else.

2012, in and out of work, I have met the most passionate people, heard the funniest and most heartfelt stories, and experienced more highs and lows than ever. It has made me evaluate what I have been through, and made me feel better and stronger about my choices. I want to learn from those with more experience than me. I want to teach what I learn to others. I want to figure out a better way to explain the “light at the end of the tunnel” idea because, from personal experience, I know that it can be reached if you keep moving towards it.

That being said, I look forward to the upcoming GDC and what lies ahead for everybody.

you can accomplish so much if you keep trying…

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Boxwars SF 2012 =
-create armor out of cardboard and tape
-wear armor to Delores Park

At Boxwars this year… looked like this:

my favorite cardboard fighter:

Although, I beat him up in this lovely video at 0:37

back to the cool part, though…
I got engaged…


along came a very cool triforce ring, engraved, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

and a “happen to be recorded” video here:

living life, being happy!

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Did I mention EA Maxis has been awesome? …. It is awesome.

To be surrounded by such amazing and talented people, to learn so many new ways, work arounds, tools, processes, etc. What a great experience to add to my life.

E3 Trailer :


In other news, this is a recent tattoo I added to my right arm
Simone, from Shining Force…
She holds a lot of memories for me from a much younger age…

all for now!

“You need to get going! Evil spreads farther across Rune with every passing day!” (-Simone)

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a couple of things…
Brisksaber shipped:

oooh the Star Wars titles…

I received this lovely easel as a gift…

I love it…
I’m far from a great painter, but I do enjoy painting, regardless…
it’s calming, and not in front of a screen:




I’m also currently playing SWTOR-
server: Black Vulkar – PvP
guild: FATE
we dance a lot… :)

other events consist of:
-new positions
-continuing school on the side
-moving to a new apartment (a pretty one)


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Couple months ago, there was a GDC session called, “Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer.” It wasn’t exactly something I thought I needed, but it came with the expo pass, and as all sessions go, something they say may speak to you, make a realization present, most likely inspire you.

I did notice the room was full of mostly new and passionate artists, game designers, etc. Some asked questions about their school projects, how important their degrees were, about focusing in on titles or being a jack of all trades.

They gave out this document: [KillerPortfolioOrPortfolioKiller]
that I then scanned and posted online for my friends still in college.

There are some interesting points, my favorite being:

  • basically no Flash necessary
  • take out the clutter – Professional Art, Personal Art, Resume, and Contact info are just fine
  • keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate
  • “An Art Director will want to see your art work, not how well you know HTML5 or how many star swipes you can use in After Effects.”
  • Edit your portfolio. Post only your best work.
  • Make sure your work focuses on what you want to do. If you do environments, show environments. You don’t need to have character turn-arounds up in there.

It goes on and then goes into specifics per title, please do take a look.

My point being, is I handed it out to everyone, and didn’t get the time to utilize it for myself… until recently. So, slight website change. Mostly easier art viewing instead of having to guess what the “tiny icon of art” must be.

quote from this past GDC

I’m often credited as the ‘creator’ of this game or that game, which makes me profoundly uncomfortable. Game development is the most collaborative endeavor I could imagine, and crediting just one person with the creation of a game seems foolish to me..”
(-Warren Spector, Lifetime Achievement Award)

(^^what he said…)

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At some point, between jobs, I lost myself, as if my passion for 3D was missing. I’ve been modeling a lot of random things lately, and I never seem to want to finish them because I convince myself that it might not be what’s best to show on my website . This came when I got the idea stuck in my head that I should change for the masses instead of model what I like. You go to enough of these SF meet-ups and everybody has their opinion of, “model this and that… and companies want to see cartoony or more 2D.” etc… This could still be true as a good idea to follow by, but I think I’m going to make a 180 degree and try something new.

Why? I was in two GDC seminar’s, one with “Cliff Bleszinski” and “Clint Hocking” …and the other with “Jeremy Bennett” and “Justin Thavirat.” They all had the same idea. Basically, model what you are passionate about, what you love, and are interested in. A portfolio will shine brighter with a little more of your personal love in it, rather than something created based on what others like. With this in mind, when the right opportunity or company comes along, you will get it, and be happy with what you’re doing… quote: “you want to model a monstrous creature instead of a regular human? Then model a damned monster! You’ll have more fun doing it, and it’ll probably look better.”

Their words may have been obvious to others, but were exactly what I needed to hear to remember why I do what I do… Taking into account what they said, I will make my new portfolio with my ideas and what I love best.

I am currently trying to balance full time school and work, so I will slowly model out and finish tiny asset scenes one by one, and grow from there, hoping crunch time does not hinder me.

I do love what I do… and I strive to be great at doing it…

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