[ A Hobby That Helps You Breathe ]

Taking a moment to give credit to my favorite stress reliever…

I truly believe I’m still the same young kid I was years ago, just with some money, and a big kid with money will buy everything their heart still admires (within spending budget, meaning not the rent money)

I collect many toys of shapes and styles, mostly ones that make me smile or pull nostalgic value to its highest. My apartment walls are lines with shelves of happiness.

Although, the toys I love the most, aren’t very much toys at all. They’re my stress reliever, and my break from life. I enjoy Gundam building.

Yes, the anime series are pretty awesome too, but the model kits are amazing. Each piece having to be carefully handled, and everything usually fitting together perfectly. With each later model, the movement and joints are tons of fun to see.





When things are a little frustrating, putting together one of these guys can be less…

I think having hobbies can be a very important part of life, and for me, one of them is robots, and I love them. Cheers to random awesome things…

“Continuing armed intervention. Eliminating the target.” (-Setsuna F. Seiei)

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