[ Float Like a Butterfly ]

mt_001I have been doing kickboxing 4-6 days a week, Muay Thai specifically, some boxing.
It’s painful, and exhausting, and 6am classes are killer, but it is one of the most rewarding things for my everything.

mt_003(except maybe my knuckles…)

I’ve learned quite a bit now, my favorite being a killer elbow to the head, or maybe a superman punch.
Not sure how long I’ll keep it up, but it is quite awesome to have these new skills.

…sting like a bee.

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[ Neutral Good ]

I am a High Elf Ranger, Bounter Hunter.
I am married to a Hill Dwarf that feeds me lots of wine.
We have a mastiff named Blue.
dnd_001I’ve managed to live for quite some time, meeting some of the best and worst people.
Me and wolves are buddies for life.
Nearly nothing escapes my bow… all holy and fire is me.
dnd_003“dislikes: liars, the selfish, small spaces, animal cruelty” -V

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[ The End Of An Era ]

m_st_meA sad thing happened this past week. EA shut down the original Maxis Emeryville.
As the news came in, a flurry of memories shot through my head, and my heart felt broken. I remember every face, every memory, and emotion like it was yesterday. Maxis and everyone a part of Maxis was like one big family. I couldn’t have felt more lucky to have played a small part in this company, and I’m happy to have met so many great and talented people that I can call friends.


It isn’t easy to say goodbye, but hopefully the future will be bright and accepting for all involved.

Maxis, you will always be close to my heart,

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[ An Inhuman ]

Did a fun cosplay for Comic-Con 2014 and probably for future Comic-Con’s


While I ended up stabbing myself with a needle far too many times, I feel like it came out okay.

The new Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan is a very interesting character and I’m excited to see where her story goes.
So far, she’s pretty awesome in my book.


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[ Raj-Tye ]

I married the most amazing man on May 1st, 2014

Words cannot describe my happiness, what a lovely day with fantastic people…




Life is definitely full of surprises brought by and settled with twists and turns.

Cheers to the future, and best wishes to everyone!

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[ A Hobby That Helps You Breathe ]

Taking a moment to give credit to my favorite stress reliever…

I am probably the same kid I was years ago, just with some money, and a big kid with money will buy everything their heart still admires (within spending budget, meaning not the rent money)

I collect many toys of shapes and styles, mostly ones that make me smile or pull nostalgic value to its highest. My apartment walls are lines with shelves of happiness.

Although, Gunpla are my favorite of all.

Yes, the anime is pretty awesome too, but the model kits are amazing. Each piece having to be carefully handled, and everything usually fitting together perfectly. With each later model, the movement and joints are tons of fun to see.





When things are a little frustrating, putting together one of these guys can be less…

I think having hobbies can be a very important part of life, and for me, one of them is robots, and I love them. Cheers to random awesome things…

“Continuing armed intervention. Eliminating the target.” (-Setsuna F. Seiei)

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[ Cities Of Tomorrow ]

SimCity – Cities of Tomorrow comes out in November…
This expansion pack was a ton of fun to work on. As always, the team here at Maxis is fucking awesome. Great people and good times!

I played a pretty sweet role on the art team, helping create a solid-futuristic atmosphere for the game.
(more screenshots and explanation to come when it releases…)





ooooh, and on the personal side, a new tattoo section has been filled! love it…

“Sometimes it’s only madness that makes us what we are.” (-Batman)

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[ A Very Metal Book Signing ]

I went to a cool book signing.
Double Fine was signing their new art book for Brutal LegendWP_000303

They had art on display, and free beer, and they did it in the Cartoon Art Museum…

They were all very nice and awesome people,
but I have to say, my favorite signature of the day was this one…

I’m a backer on their adventure game kickstarter, Broken Age (trailer)
It looks fantastic so far and I really hope the best for it.

If you haven’t back this, I would highly recommend it now, just to see the documentary videos… worth it all the way…

go REDS!

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